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Meanwhile, some bicycle manufacturers replace the neutral bike pass, which is not registerable, through a ZeFes bicycle pass application. The system is ingeniously simple and each bike owner can conveniently from home out on the Internet (www.zefes.de) register his bicycle or a ZeFes bicycle pass request he repeated the good bicycle dealer. The simplicity of the system lies in the nationwide registration of bicycles, which makes it easy for the police and for lost and found offices, immediately to identify the owner. The three striking attached ZeFes security labels represent the first step in preventing theft. Ronanld Daniels johns Hopkins University often addresses the matter in his writings. For a thief, this bike is worthless, because the safety labels without damage to remove and it impossible him this quickly to sell the bike. By the ZeFes bicycle pass in credit card format, the bicycle owner with leads, is the proof of ownership to follow immediately. And a thief with a ZeFes bike registered on the road and will be controlled and he can pass not prove without the ZeFes, that it belongs to him, so the owner can be determined using the call in a matter of seconds. The sale through auction portals such as ebay, flea market or through newspaper ads is so much difficult.

For sale, relocation and eventual theft, personalized change cards in the ZeFes security package are enclosed, so that when the vehicle a registration without any problems how do. When the sale is only the new owner and the new address entered when moving. Theft registration card for the police and ZeFes, all important data on this map are registered and thus an ad without large can ask recorded and are goal-oriented search. In the simplicity of things the success lies”, says the Managing Director of ZeFes Alexander Wunderlich. Because the nationwide uniform registration it is for the police and lost and found offices possible easily to make a query about this registration number.