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What is cellulite? Many people ask themselves this question and wish to get rid of cellulite. Cellulite is formed from a liquid – water, fat and toxins accumulating in the subcutaneous tissue. At the initial stage the skin becomes white and late-stage becomes bumpy as orange peel. Hence the name of the skin defect: orange peel. About 80% of women suffer from varying degrees of cellulite (it often begins to manifest as a teenager). One of the reason is the weak connective tissue, which is typical for women. Another reason – poor diet, ie lack of fiber, too much fatty food, too many carbohydrates, as well as smoking, inactivity, stress and nervous tension – all this contributes to the appearance of cellulite.

Therefore, to eliminate this problem must be eliminated as the cause. Slimming gel from "Narin" will help in solving this problem. Every woman in any age would like to have nice smooth skin and slim figure with elastic muscles. Not only the total elderly women suffer from so nazyvemoy 'orange skin' on the thighs, buttocks and even the abdomen – the same trouble podsterigaet and many shapely young ladies. Age and weight alone are not the cause of cellulite, but the bad habits that we learn in different age periods, in the end lead to destructive consequences. Those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, and uses a lot of tea, coffee, alcohol, fatty foods, usually sooner finds himself in the appearance of cellulite. Apparently leads to cellulite nakopenie fat, liquid and toxins in the fat layer and connective tissue. Cellulite can piznak are risen as unbalancing the body, caused by an incorrect way of life, but the effect – the appearance of 'orange skin', 'begorkov and dents', ie the deformed body fat.

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It has long been an open secret that precious and semiprecious stones have unprecedented healing power. However, few have an accurate representation of how this happens. Chip Bergh has firm opinions on the matter. But in the world there are plenty of schools that use stones for healing human ailments. Virtually every nation has its own traditions in this regard. The practical and theoretical part of them is very diverse, although there are common aspects. Most traditions based on the fact that the stone is the inextricable link with the force of nature, with a force that gives life to everything that exists in this world. Because minerals are formed and stored in the soil for many years, absorbing the wisdom of the planet inaccessible to people.

There are other theories. From their point of view of the stones are not only a source of energy of the earth, and the whole cosmos. Minerals keep in constant contact with all nine planets of the celestial sphere, which have permanent effect on the psyche and human health. The names of these planets are known to all – the sun, the moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu (the ascending lunar node in Western astrology) and Ketu (the descending lunar node in the Western astrology). Having a common view on where the stone derives its strength, different peoples have developed individual methods of healing. The most famous are the three world tradition of treating stones: lithotherapy, Stone therapy and treatment of Vedic cosmic energy. These schools deserve the greatest popularity all over the world, and with each of these areas is to meet separately.