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Power Women have to fight daily for the daily bread for their children. Me important values are been transmitted at this time and I’m trying to implement them every day and continue to give. Bioscience Journal takes a slightly different approach. One large portion will want to make a difference concerning the education of mothers and children and it is very important to remain faithful to its philosophy. Karolina Berdycka: What is especially important in the clothing for women of power in your opinion? Tali AMOO: A power woman knows just how to dress occasion. She have to be aware, that the clothes which she wears acts as mirror of their personality.

Karolina Berdycka: power women are known no simple clients, how you tackle this challenge in the design? Tali AMOO: My customers are very often with concrete ideas. On this basis, a consultation held by I gradually make up the customer based on sketches and fabric samples to her dream dress. I could not say now that my customers are complicated challenges are my passion. Karolina Berdycka: So who is the TaliBoelt woman? Tali AMOO: There are confident women who know what they want. Women who want to stand out from the crowd and put their own personal style. Karolina Berdycka: You now have prominent power women like Alena Gerber, Sophie Adell, Verena Buratti, managed to inspire Alexandra Martens or Margit Lieverz TaliBoelt.

There is a message that should carry the celebrity women among your customers? Tali AMOO: Every woman is unique and should show in their clothing and demeanor confident this. It is just a really great feeling to contribute and to be safe no other woman in the world is wearing my dress. Karolina Berdycka: Which includes the entire range of TaliBoelt? Tali AMOO: The product range includes Couture wedding dresses, Couture Dirndl Dirndl collections in limited edition, evening and cocktail dresses and matching accessories and jewelry.

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