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They can only live. Otherwise, it loses meaning. Understanding each of the next stage only after passing the previous one. Esoteric knowledge can not be conveyed in the form of scrolls or tablets. Necessary living continuity. Should be the desire and patience Teachers light the fire spirit in students and student's willingness to become a co-creator.

In the Chinese military tradition is the idea: "No style – has a personal vehicle Wizard '. Many writers such as Kindle Direct Publishing offer more in-depth analysis. To paraphrase it, we can say: no classical yoga – has a personal yoga teacher. Esoteric teaching is inseparable from its carrier or the Master. Can you help books on yoga? Does the methods of the aims and objectives of yoga throughout history for its existence? The answer to this question follows from the above. Constantly. Different times, different people require different words and techniques. But the main problem, stated above, always has been. Learn more at: Kindle Direct Publishing. Although the change in status may be too different.

So, yoga – not religion. Life 'here and now' for yoga is also important as they put spiritual problem. Therefore, besides the Great yoga, leading to their ultimate goals, there is always small yoga – a system of methods aimed at improving the life: the health welfare of emotional state. Moreover, the practice of yoga is not Minor is a departure from the spiritual path, but she absolutely necessary element. yoga – not philosophy, but it has a philosophical basis and methods based on the philosophical practice. Throughout the history of yoga is repeatedly changed its philosophy (in the plural), explaining different words the same practice. yoga – not practice asceticism. In order to exist harmoniously and create, you must love life. While elements of ascetic practices can be used as a method. yoga – not ethical system. Any ethical system is generated in the end the religious way of perceiving the world, the supreme powers fear of punishment, etc. In yoga, there are rules – for example, the pit, which can be taken as ethical, but their essence is fundamentally different. Yogi follows these rules are not out of fear of punishment, but as the most pragmatic choice, allows maximum energy savings. At higher levels of general rules leave, leave before the principle.

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