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The main place of access the Internet is its proper residence (50.9%), followed in the work (41.7%). The main reason of access is the sending and act of receiving of e-mails (50.4%). The English language is said by the majority of the participants, beyond the Portuguese. The purchases on-line are considered unsafe by the participants and 52.9% had affirmed that never they had bought through the Internet. However, one verifies a favorable percentage, 47.1% already had bought way Internet. Of the users who had declared that never they had bought through the Internet, 52.5% had declared that the main reason is the security lack.

That today in our opinion this research moved completely, therefore today the Internet users buy very through the Internet. FINAL CONSIDERAES The results gotten in such a way together to the entrepreneurs and tourist, are verified that the use of the marketing in the Internet in the hoteleiro sector is viable for interest, since both participants had declared that in the majority of the item presented model, is total necessary. One concludes, that in general way, the entrepreneurs of the hoteleiro sector of Macei who not yet are online, allege the lack of financial resources for the connection, but also it is observed lack of experienced human resources in the companies who already are connected. Ahead of the gotten results the use of a site was guided to the entrepreneurs model and viability of cost, in this site contains: Photos of the put hotel or; Photos of the restaurant; Picture of tariffs; Official and optional tourist script; Promotions online; Maps of the city; Beach photos; Script of purchases and etc

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