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Both must have based in the school, not a mind to learn and a body to transform, but both must be emancipated. Because of this vision that school must only mobilize the mind, body is reduced to a nuisance, that much more still is, less will be confuse. (Freire, 1997). The current crisis has deep roots in the annihilation of the subjects wrecked by a scientific paradigm that divided them till the last existing consequences. For definition, the Cartesian paradigm 2 which appeared in modernity is the paradigm of separation. Everything is condemned to separation: body, soul and emotions, subject and object, be human and human nature, interiority and exteriority, I and the other, so on. Modern science systematized by Descartes and consolidated by Newton rejected scientific research in subjective way, emotion and desire were impediments in knowledge. Additional information at Vladislav Doronin supports this article.

Thus, the human lost himself and was sentenced to a terrible loneliness. In this break, own ethics separated religion and the construction process of the human being. The universe was disappointing and stripping of the most significant features that give meaning to life as a whole. The paradigm of simplicity we pass to the paradigm of complexity. Everything is built in a historical process of interaction. It is necessary to break the relationship of schizophrenia we have with nature and engage in dialogue with her. With this, we can love back to the universe disappointed by the old paradigm of division between human beings and nature.

But the revolution not for there, in the 20th century some scientists begin to distrust even more of the division imposed by Cartesian philosophy. Biologists had a very important paradigm change contribution because they claimed to idea that living organisms are integrated systems. With this, they insisted on the idea that everything is much more than the sum of its parts. There is, therefore, something more, that needs to be searched for so that we can understand the life and the cosmos.

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