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You know when you’re happy and definitely nobody has to tell you when you’re sad. Evelyn Lotena Robles takes a slightly different approach. What makes us happy? It is important to perform what makes happy some, depressing to others. Everything is relative. Many people are unhappy because they feel guilty, because they experience feelings of no merit or are simply unhappy because they are afraid of losing what they have. They should be happy, but they are not. Happiness cannot be measured in terms of material possessions happiness is within yourself.

Nothing and nobody can make you happy, only you. Life is very short. We have to learn how to alleviate the concerns, problems thinking that everything in this life has a solution, nothing is important enough to break your inner peace or disturb your happiness. He assumes this philosophy and learn to be happier. This philosophy is to enjoy the things that give you joy, change the things that you don’t like and accept that you can not avoid. Your quality of life will improve considerably.

RULE # 1: If like tea something, input Disfrutalode you will say, what ridiculous, clear that if I like something I’ll enjoy. Think again, probably going to agree that there are many things in this life that we like, but do not enjoy. Why? The reasons are guilt and fear. You will not enjoy something that you like, if you’re going to feel guilty afterwards, or if you’re afraid of the consequences of doing what you like. RULE # 2: If NO TE GUSTA something, Evitaloesta rule seems to be very simple, but reflects a moment and thinks that there are many people that are wrapped in things that do not enjoy a job, a person, a truck, a type of food, any number of situations and for some reason, do not prevent these things. I can’t help it, I need the money.

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