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Founder of the order against the animal ERNST Jacques Konigstein Thursday, the 6 Mai1897 in Burtscheid was born and died the 17 Dezember1971 in Aachen, Germany, Friday. Life and work already as a young man discovered his passion for the Carnival of Konigstein and wrote his first Karnevalslied in the dialect spoken in Cologne at the age of 15, this initially was considered a so-called Kakani IMI. In 1921 he joined the 1859 established Aachen Carnival-Club (GAB) and gave his maiden speech a year later on the GAB Herrenabend: the Conference of Genoa. Witty political Buttenreden became his characteristic. Konigstein was elected in 1927 as Prince Jacques the women of Aachen. Already in 1928, he directed the GAB as Vice President and as President from 1930 to 1968, only interrupted by the war and postwar years 1939 to 1947. The GAB was then appointed the Honorary President for life.

To the until then to unite existing 13 individual Aachen Karnevalsgesellschaften, Konigstein founded on December 14, 1934 as Holding company the Aachen Carnival (AAK) Committee and took over as CEO at the same time the Deputy Presidency. Through Konigstein, the BARGE founder 1937 of Federal German carnival (BDK) as a founding member was involved, in which the member number 1 is registered. Konigstein later took over the Office as Executive Advisory Board of the German space in the BDK, and was appointed in 1965 to an honorary member. As full-time Director of the Aachen Tourist Office, Konigstein recognized also the economic factor of the Carnival and he succeeded in that January 24, 1937 the gab session at the West Germans for the first time was transferred to Rundfunk (WDR). At the same time, he organized the first children’s costume Aachen train with Prince Mucki (Otto I Schmitz) and also served as Deputy Chairman. Finally he co-founded still the Senate of gab on 16 December of the same year Otto Heinrich as first President of the Senate.

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