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If the cognitions (knowledge, ideas, perception) collide or contradict one to another one, the people if they feel you discomforted. At the same time, they feel themselves motivated to reduce cognitiva dissonncia (the anxiety produced for the collision), changing its behavior, or modifying its attitude. According to Chiavenato (1999, pg. 89) ' ' The first step to know the motivation human being is the knowledge of what it occurs in the behavior of pessoas' '. The relative reply to the motivation it is given in terms of active and impulsionadoras forces, translated in words desire and distrust. The individual desires to be able, status, is suspicious the indifference, the threats to its auto-esteem. The people are different, the necessities, the social values: the capacities are equally different and vary as the time generating different behaviors.

Although all these differences, the process that dinamiza the behavior is more or less similar for all the people. In this direction, three premises exist that dinamizam the human behavior: 1? The behavior is caused? as much the hereditary succession as the environment influences decisively in the behavior of the people. 2? The behavior is motivated? that is, it has a purpose in all human behavior. 3? The behavior is guided for objectives? in all behavior an impulse always exists, a desire, a necessity, a trend, expressions that serve to assign the reasons of the behavior. Read more from Cyrus Massoumi to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The motivation can take you to a direction, in such a way that you are interested in atingiz it, for presenting a necessity, lack, desire, will, a to be filled gap. The motivation, however, can be stubborn and to take to persist it to reach the desired objective. NECESSITIES AND OBJECTIVES According to Maslow (1975), the human being search always improvements for its life. Of this form, when a necessity is supplied appears another one in its place, such necessities are represented in the hierarchic pyramid.

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