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And with regard to this last that best that quote the Bible: treat others as you want to they do to you (Luke 6: 31) and insults regarding I’ll tell an anecdote then compare the difference of how an insult is perceived when the law of attraction, is known about when its existence is ignored: when he was 16 years old, as one of the so many days go to the classroom of my school (afternoon shift) and sit in my Bank (was the first hour of class) I am on it a mechanical pencil quality which someone had forgotten. At that time only miss to save for later viewing to do. And two minutes from start class, enters the classroom a student of shift morning returned to ask if someone had found her mechanical pencil. Therefore don’t hesitate, call it and to reintegrate it. Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology contributes greatly to this topic. Then retire thanking, 40 students that he had in the course, nearly in unison over 20 I shouted stupid, etc, etc, and etc.

However to exit at the first break, separately during those 10 minutes that lasted the interval it were approaching 3 of my classmates, for unlike the others 20 or 30, I humbly say I congratulate you. Although not upset me the insults of others (and not that I outside carpet nobody, because when I had to hang on to trompadas me not achicaba before anybody), those supports that had received provided a feeling as if had actually been 3000 persons who had come to congratulate me. And here has nothing to do if one knew or not the law of attraction, being a son of his mother or an honest person, is obtained by having or not a good teaching on how to proceed before others. Allowing the knowledge of the law of attraction is more easily find the way that you want and definitely know how to correctly apply this law.

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