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Peter looked at them and said to them:-I’m not the only one that I am late home and at least I now have hopes of open me the door. I don’t know if you will have the same fate. The two men mounted on the vehicle and Pedro had drunk together all afternoon and they accompanied a friend to your home and at that time were more peaceful because soon could go to their homes or to a place where you could continue the interrupted partying. If had not opened his friend, would have had to take it, and was to tell the truth, the idea not pleased them entirely by the State of drunkenness in which he was. They were already preparing to leave the place but the door that had been opened was not that of his friend’s House. So proved it when saw him talking with the woman who loomed his head by one of the Windows of the House from the side.

-Neighbor, he told him, do not make so much noise that will not let us sleep. Not angry. It has already given many kicks that poor door. – But how can I not to provoke me to anger? Do don’t see I have an hour of being here, like a crazy banging this gate and the very sinverg of my wife I don’t open? -Neighboring ay! But, you don’t remember? -Do not remember what? -Remember you went to drink, but before you go, you moved here. You and the comadre Marta no longer live in that House. Not to be stubborn and let that poor door in peace. The men in the truck looked again and were convinced that his friend was crazy.

And were already preparing to take him to his new home when they reached to hear what asked the Lady in the window:-see neighbor and you by chance do not know to where we moved? There was no response but heard the blow of the window against the framework. The face of Lady had disappeared. At that time the men in the truck realized with anguish that should accompany his friend until he remembered where he lived now. Or until vigorous rays of the morning sun had the weak Dim light of agonizing bulbs of the city. Original author and source of the article

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