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Feeding prefer, DSP-terminal energetically supported the forces of the microcosm of self-organization, calling to life the deep pulse of the primary will to health. The most that neither is clear and simple way to this desire for a healthy life support – and a microcosm of proceeds to samotvoreniyu body. Sensory effects act directly on the brain, and the system bioenergokanalov, so these effects can be assume that the information the most powerful therapeutic factors! So through the distribution of the DSP can be arranged flow-line reproduction of healthy organisms through careful targeted activation of their own internal resources! In each of the clients themselves reveal stored in the bowels of the body gifts orderliness and harmony. So the rainbow tells people promised them deliverance from sickness and weaknesses! Man is malosimpatichny a conglomerate of separated and mis-matched sub-personalities, constantly fighting with each other and do not give the owner no rest day or night. You may wish to learn more. If so, Cyrus Massoumi married is the place to go. Man is not able to find their own identity and put it at the head of government small 'I'. Identity generated by the system integrity purposes, but just with the objectives and ways to implement them among his contemporaries there is a maximum problem. To ensure that every step of life was a true original, an individual must take the path of gaining perfection, and for this he needs to get used to regularly clean the "Augean stables' own body from the poisons of fear, painful memories and illusory hopes that means using technology 'Tsvetopsihosomatika'. .

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