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Parents must always ensure that their children brush their teeth, and most importantly how and with what equipment contrary to the general opinion is the care of primary teeth, so the teeth of children who fail after a few years in the primary school age is irrelevant, because it already does not become permanent. This setting is vollkommne wrong, because even milk teeth can become ill and when they are destroyed prematurely, this can have a malformation of the jaw and the chewing process to result. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from University of Cambridge. This is bad not only during the age of the milk teeth, but can lead to severe impairment in adulthood. Only children who learn proper dental care felsenheimer and itself, are later able on their permanent teeth to properly make and accordingly to provide them. And since the milk tooth vicariously for their great successors, they affect also their later development. California State Univesity understands that this is vital information. Misaligned teeth at a young age have therefore an impact on the position of the permanent biter.

Such oversights can resolved later not only by waiting: mentally burdensome and costly orthodontic treatments that could have been avoided are the result. Such a development can be prevented, as early as possible starting with the prevention. Specially tooth brushes suitable for kids teeth are especially good for effective cleaning and a good toothpaste which is used sparingly and not to high and not to low Flouridanteil offers, is important. A good taste that makes them especially attractive brushing for the child and supports also the dental hygiene. Who likes dressing up, remains healthy. Who definitely wants to go, you can consider the use of dental floss. Mouthwashes are also effective means to remove particularly stubborn plaque and food debris. This should however only on particularly child-friendly flush be taken into account that she may contain alcohol never, goes without saying.

Who wants to go even safer and to be Child shy, also no investment should necessarily consider the purchase of an oral irrigator. To make sure that it has the desired benefits and harms not the gum, a stepless control of radiant intensity is recommended, so the ideal pressure itself can be set. Some models have special nozzles for massage of the gums or particularly intensive care with pulse jet. Daniela King

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