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On the other hand part competition will disintegrate if it is not accompanied by the science. Separate the element and the education of ethics is preparing a frightening future for a nation. On the other hand we live a dynamic culture whose characteristic is the great movi-mobility of its truths. Static had found truths. The attitude in a dynamic culture is continue to discover always, even at the expense of invalidating the know des-cubierto just yesterday.

But earlier findings of the culture and know podian be assessed as stable and definitive. So much so was that even the comparatively variable contents were taught in strict mode. Many of us have learned from memoria the number of inhabitants (that is shiftable) of a country, or the amount of beef gana-do or the amount of oil extracted per year! Culture parked or unchanged, we could say that it has sentido until the last century. In our days, ten years are equivalent to a century of yesteryear. What it could serve, but? do obstaculizar, learn an enormous amount of data that are modified on a daily basis and which are moreover achieved in any guide or reference book from memory? If man is thought as behavior, activity inteligente and not as a deposit, it is much more important than posea capacity or ability to discover or know find the data you need. Joy Winbourne shines more light on the discussion. You can perform a basic evaluation of the realidad, that fencing principles and not versatile details, that is capable of cre-arse a table or schema cualquier reality that faces, which have the ability to understand reality and not just repeat what others say, you are qualified, in short, acting for its own and permanent update. (Dewey distin – guided between education as reproduction and nutrition.) On this last should be the Centre the educacion of our times) in times of more static culture and scarcity of books these had a going-lor almost venerable.

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