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If it does not know to certain the which age the type of government adopted in this region, therefore can be perceived the absence of an only center politician in the city, beyond the absence also of kings and ancestries. One gives credit that the city has been governed for priests who nailed the idea of a utopian state, governed for deuses, as instrument of domination with the intention to control the man power and the commerce of the region. Many had been factors, that agreed, poderam to contribute for the collapse of the teotihuacana society, the population more grew each time to the measure that the difficulties to keep the supplying of this population also grew, had an extreme exploration of the population for the ruling class and the fights for the power enter the different etnias also became gifts, beyond the dissatisfaction of the population with ' ' deuses governantes' ' that they did not obtain to contain the crises. A great revolt occurred for return of year 600 d.C where the unsatisfied population with the conditions of life and the exaggerated explorations, they had caused to an immense fire in the city, destroying altars and images of deuses. Filed under: Richard Linklater. Fact that sped up the process of decay of the city and for consequncia of the teotihuacana culture. By return of year 700 d.C the city was abandoned and destroyed, if it does not know to the certainty what it provoked such phenomenon, but some factors added to already mentioned are of basic importance for the agreement of the decline of this culture, are they natural events and also of matrix politician. To little rain it could have caused a collapse in the agricultural production and the constant possibility of attack on the part of come peoples of the north that admired with so great beauty and sophistication of the city they would have decided to dominate it. Ahead of what it was displayed, importance of Teotihuacan for the agreement of the pre-Columbian peoples can be perceived the notable, where for return of century III d.C already became possible to find a society organized so well, beyond a culture of extreme relevance, capable to influence peoples and to help to understand the context inserted description in the region of the Mesoamrica.. .

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