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Time consuming, which is usually related to teaching would have been discussions between teachers and students, who took on reason of disputes in the breaks had to be carried, E.g. regularly. Also loud conflict within the school made it very difficult the other pupils and students, to concentrate on teaching. The frustration within the class was very high due to the overall situation. For this reason, I have been asked by the homeroom teacher of class in particular lessons supportive to be teachers. Through this teaching accompaniments a changed situation there turns in the class part, at least during the affected hours. The class could be cared so very much more intense and individual adapted on the situation. If it is E.g.

Need for action in cases of conflicts during the lesson was, I could take care of the support of stakeholders in solving their conflict. I was then mostly with the affected students from the class in such situations. For the other students so a longer interruption of lessons and their concentration phase could be avoided and just teaching teachers could further continue his lessons. These lessons chords gave me but also the opportunity, become very well acquainted with the class and to be able to watch the students much. Quickly I came here to the same conclusion as the teacher teaching in the class. Namely, that in the class an urgent educational action is required, to change something on the for all unsatisfactory situation. When an Exchange and a conversation with the teacher of the class I offered then, a project on the subject of strengthening social skills”with the To be able to carry out class. This idea met with great approval on the part of the College and so I sat by my so called social training “with the class into action. The social training consisted of a 6-hour day of the project, and a total of 3 forward / hours of follow-up with the class.

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