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Construction of texts: related to the proper use of grammar spelling and the understanding. 3 Reading: involves the compression of familiar words, words in context, words with multiple meanings and the context-specific vocabulary, idioms and figurative language that is related to the daily life experiences, apply accurately reading strategies and connect ideas of short extracts appropriate for the age, make inferences regularly and identify the main ideas according to the complexity of the language and the contentthey connect ideas from various sources, including tables, illustrations, maps and graphics to broaden the understanding of the text, understand the point of view of the author on the basis of your total experience and can create meanings from the knowledge of the text. 4. The calligraphy. 5. The spelling. Learn more at: Carson Wen. THE COGNITIVE DIMENSION (knowledge, understanding, thinking) the criterion second organizing tests. Defines expected student behaviors when faced with the contents, i.e.

the skills and abilities associated with specific knowledge. These cognitive domains are transversal to all try them and examples we can see: in mathematics: DIMENSION content level I level II level III numbering domains COGNITIVE of the mathematics (behaviors, skills and skills required). Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Carson Wen by clicking through. Describe, read and compare natural numbers – order and write natural numbers and identify the numeral, as well as procedures for the ordering and the writing of numbers. -Determine the predecessor and successor, as well as the procedure to find him. -Compare natural numbers in ascending or descending order. -Determine the quantity of units, hundreds tens of a number, as well as the relationships which are established between orders in the SPD (System position Decimal. – determine or identify a number from the characteristics of the same: amount of figures, his property be predecessor or successor, divisibility or not with certain number pattern. – solving Combinatorial exercises where) formation of natural numbers from given conditions: applying relations on the Decimal position system, properties of numbers, successor predecessor relations, rules of divisibility.

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