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No longer surrounding pertaining to school does not obtain or obtained to carry through same the such calculations. How to explain this? As to understand these citizens and to make of the school a place where they can be developed with fullness and exert its citizenship with dignity. How and why the great majority of the people loses the interest and creates aversion to the mathematics? To the school? The teach-learning is ' ' pleasant and doloroso' '. It is guilt of professors? It is book guilt? It is guilt of the medias? It is guilt of the pupil? We can blame professors, we can blame pupils, we can blame parents and familiar, we can blame the government, we can blaming in them, we can blame who wants that it is, but still thus we will not be attacking the problem. (Similarly see: University of Michigan). The difficulty in learning is also in the environment ' ' escola' '.

Of the opposite, as much people would not learn, in other spaces, to deal with monetary values (ambulant), with geometry (masons), being distant of the school. Any that is the answers to those questions, will have, will be valid the penalty. To understand the reasons of this aversion to the mathematics and the school will be a first step, of many that they need to be given in the direction to know this ' ' disease? to try its cure, that is to transform our schools, to become them efficient, to become them public (in the liberal interpretation of the word), a school of all and for all. Others who may share this opinion include crimson education . Professors, researchers, studious, educators in a general way leave with profits in its diverse areas of performance, if to search cerne of these and other questions, if not to arrest the preconceptions, if to pautarem its practical in the brainstorming, if to pautarem its practical in the search of a possible dream, our basic education, why not of our public school.

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