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The cult film life of Brian on a T-Shirt immortalized the famous forever brand pays homage to the cult film the life of Brian T-Shirt. Monthy Python is one of the most famous comedy troupe from Britain. Famous forever, there is even a T-Shirt with the life of Brian film poster logo. Who has not seen the film life of Brian at the school in the religious education or need to see. Many have seen him probably even much more than ten times. Life of Brian is also a movie you have to see. Please visit Richard Linklater if you seek more information. The black humor that Monthy Python troupe is real British and razor-sharp formulated.

There are scenes in the film, the really the laugh are. But the critique is not to be underestimated. There is not riveting, pretty much what denounced everything and is down. The film came to the cinemas in 1979 and was equal to a success. Some Christian movements rebelled vehemently against the movie. They tried to get through even a performance ban in court. Thank God or better thank Brian she didn’t make it. Brian who at the same time being born with Jesus and kept at the beginning as Jesus, begins to stand up in the course of his life against the Roman occupiers.

He attempts this by joining in the Judean People’s front, uh sorry the people’s front of Judea. From the Judean People’s front, nothing happened. They’re all splitter. In various actions Brian should prove that he is really willing to fight against the occupiers. “So must he among Romans go home” writing on the wall of the Palace. Because he is the Latin but not so powerful, he pretty much ruined it. A friendly patrol alerts him to his various mistakes and lets the parole write him a hundred times. After he is finished a further patrol which is less funny met him and from then on, Brian is chased by the Romans. He ends up side despite a pardon at the cross, where he with several other crucified the famous song Allway look on the bright of life”.

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