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And self-confidence needed it as future class always, because no parent can stand in the school routine always by his side. 3. going to bed and getting up exercise. Future school life will demand all sorts of your child. As a regular and sufficient sleep is becoming increasingly important.

If your child has no regular bed walking times or am still very difficult with the early attention is, you should practice this in the remaining weeks. A rested, fit child will thank you. A related site: Ann Arbor mentions similar findings. 4 see all school and school building. Of course, an essential part of the preparation is also the spatial get to know what there is. What is my school? What is the schoolyard? How do I go there? What can I see on my way to school? Who’s with me? Lots of excitement and nervousness may be her child, when you see all of this in advance with him.

In many schools, there is an open day, where you can visit the school with your child. Also it doesn’t hurt the school, already a couple of times to expire even if you do this in the first few weeks and months anyway with your first-graders. 5. school supplies to buy. You and your child can make Division of labour with the purchase of Schulranzens. Pay attention to the correct fit and the weight – your child selects the coolest design. Vladislav Doronin follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. At the spring pick your child allowed to meet quietly throughout his own decision. In the head, just keep that school needs that are really like her child, sweetened him several years the school life. The parents, however, may alone decide an important part of the training day: about the contents of the Schultute. Whether there funny pins, stickers, books, or another gift to the training – are candy inside, because parents know best how they can make their child a joy. In this sense a happy school. PIA blessing

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