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From this analysis, we understand that one or another culture does not exist, being that the same one is constructed in the educational process and social and cannot only be transmitted, therefore the citizens that are involved in this process must participate of this ' ' land of luta' ' , creating and giving felt to its knowledge. It is by means of the resume and in the school that the children must exert practical democratic. In the educational process, them they will have to participate to argue and to place in question practical the social ones, economic politics and, analyzing its context and perceiving its character of control. Thus, they will be able to have attitudes of emancipation and release. The professors possess responsibility in the direction to be operating people in this process, allowing and instigating the pupil to participate and to question, as well as considering questions so that they reflect. The students must have its space to be heard and its ideas to be considered. Read more here: Nike.

In an opposing pedagogia to the pedagogia of the colonizador (that in the lack of better expression we call pedagogia of the conflict), the educator reassumes its education and its eminently critical paper: to the contradiction (oppressor-oppressed, for example), it adds the conscience of the contradiction, forms people insubmissa, disobedient person, capable to assume its autonomy and to participate in the construction of a freer society. (GADOTTI, 1989, P. 53). The meanings that Hiss (2003) mention are on to the social relations of being able and inaquality and must be question of and contested. Freire (2003), has even so not elaborated a theory on resume, finishes arguing this question in its research. Its analysis more is based on the philosophy and directed toward the development of the education of adults in countries subordinated to the world-wide order. The critical one of Freire (2003) to the resume is summarized in the concept of banking education, that conceives the knowledge as constituted of information and facts to be simply transferred of the professor to the pupil, instituting, thus, an act of bank deposit.

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