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Psychotherapies have, as a support language. Some more accentuate the role of communication and others, on the contrary, will stop in this space that seems to inhabit parallel everything what we say and what we do. However, today, socially speaking, language has lost this recognition. Pedagogical guidelines and statistics do not point to this side illogical and irreverent that we could link to the language, to highlight its appearance more intimate and differentiate it from the term language, more formal and academic. It would be impossible to measure the scope and importance of language in our life psychic., but what we do know is that an important part of our existence unfolds in this space. Check with Richard Linklater to learn more. Odors that evoke our memories, words that hurt us or stop us, which move us or infuriated us, are not the same for everyone. Hear from experts in the field like Daniel Gregory Amen for a more varied view.

Is this subtlety that distinguishes them, the part of the language that we own; as the mother tongue that we feel ours, such as if a second skin that we are not yet able to clarify. Each person will be only to speak of a feeling or a feeling and to clarify a problem or give an explanation. We will not use the same words, nor the same tone of voice; but we may not be one hundred percent sure of that which we are transmitting. How to know with certainty if the tone I use to say something will be perceived as such by the recipient of my message? Examples of misunderstandings between different cultures that nevertheless speak the same language are infinite. But not only here also abound the misunderstandings, we encounter these problems in relations between friends, couple, family: when one wanted to say something and only gives account that you said another thing to see the reaction of the other party. There are even more examples of this language that seems to inhabit another scenario: lapsus, which many people take only as an unfortunate error, but you realize the little control that we have with respect to what we want to say.

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