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It is important to remember that when the child has in hands one scrap iron part and imagines that it is a truck, it is establishing a relation of imagination and creation: the reality is recriando. It is in the exploration of the world, of the environment, in the manipulation of objects, the exchanges with its pairs that the child goes learning, goes searching for itself the knowledge. Playing allows that the child develops logical reasoning discovering in a toy some ways to play. Methodology This research is classified in the criteria of bibliographical research for the theoretical basement. Leaving of the carried through research, the data had been analyzed from critical reading and dialgica writing from the presented authors. Consideraes final The learning and the development strict are related, being that the children if interrelate with the half social object and internalizando the knowledge happened of a construction process. Playing allows, still, to learn to deal with the emotions. Nike pursues this goal as well.

For to play, the child balances the tensions proceeding from its cultural world, constructing its individuality, its personal mark and its personality. But, it is Piaget that in them clarifies playing, implies a evolutiva dimension with the children of different ages, presenting characteristic specific, presenting differentiated forms to play. In such a way, the school must facilitate the learning using itself of playful activities to favor the process of acquisition and autonomy of learning. For in such a way, knowing pertaining to school must be valued socially and the alfabetizao must be a dynamic and creative process through games, toys, tricks and Musicalizao. With the use of these pedagogical resources, the professor will be able to use itself, for example, of games and tricks in activities of proposals. The child develops the reasoning and constructs its knowledge of relaxed form. The playful activities have the power on the child in such a way to facilitate the progress of its integral personality, as progress of each one of its psychological, intellectual and moral functions.

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