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It is clearly, then, that for backwards of all text it has an ideology. It does not have only the intention to transmit information, to bring to tona the knowledge of some fact, but the objective is a reaction of the reading citizen. Obviously a reaction that is favorable to that they dominate historical and socially. Coming back toward the study of news article in the support periodical, it is perceived, in it, the mention of diverse subjects and, as well as all informative text, it aims at to form opinions. As it is known, the support periodical is manipulated by the ruling class that said what it must or not to be informed.

Therefore, being one it has exactly supported literal the one that great part of the population has access, only people who have a certain degree of escolaridade or that they possess purchasing power are the receivers of its speeches and with them they interact. A fact that not if it can forget is that the action of the speech will be favorable to its producer depending on its social status and the 14 the social status of interlocutor. An example well clearly is the speech of a doctor and a common individual in the society. The position of that one will determine what it can and what cannot be taken by the patient. This many times at least questions, for lacking the discursivo domain to it, but when this has a linguistic ability and extralinguistic adult, as Kleiman says – already above-mentioned – will have to question the reasons of that ideological speech. From there, subentende, that the same speech can have different interpretations, therefore it will depend on the positioning, that is, of the social status of each interlocutor.

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