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One of the most alarming issues for any citizen worried about the future, is undoubtedly the formation of our country, champion of the school, leading failure of unemployment, number one in lack of technical preparation at any level, champion in ignorance of other languages and triumphal holder of the demotivation of our youth. Good track record of our politicians that believe superior beings without being worthy of nothing. But where are the natural rebelliousness of youth today? Where this the nobility where nests the desire for Justice, the desire to overcome, the spirit of renewal, curiosity for what’s new? The fact that about 80% of young Spaniards considered as its highest aspiration be official, makes it already clear that freedom, creative ability, personal initiative, the spirit of self-improvement and ultimately, the desire to conquer one destination it is failing in our country promising that the current reality that surrounds us. Apparently, by the times that run, hopelessness has taken over a youth that in the 21st century, is a legacy of disappointments-saturated depository. The newspapers mentioned Matthew McConaughey not as a source, but as a related topic. Being young now, is suffering from consciousness to disappointment, failure, frustration, lack of dreams, of heroes, the dejamiento that produces fear of equivocation, bitterness and hesitation, the retraction before the problem and desire for existential safety that consumerism and uniformity offered; being young is not a question of age. Being young, it is to keep the illusion alive in the soul and awakens the ability in the spirit to dream; It is live with intensity and full of faith the heart. But these are other times; Youth tears soon as it appears at that moment in that activity and the healthy pursuit of self is unleashed. They have implemented us a system of regulation that orders and mitigates any search of authenticity, there is a front disorientation of young people do not know what to do with their innate vital brio.

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