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This development makes it clear that in the future in addition to the maintenance costs of the East African Naturschutzraumeauch huge amounts of funds for compensation, resettlement projects and training of the nomadic undhalbnomadischen populations must be spent. This can be applied alone or by the littoral States, peopleto international relief fund by donor agencies. It also requires a sustainable, aimed at economic growth to increase State revenue development aid from the industrialised nations. We tend to the West, where prevailing corruption caused by all Africa’s problems. This is true even in many areas. Functioning economic cycles of lack of and taxation systems, wages and salary, which are usually even far below the local minimum, the corruption in many parts of Africa has evolved almost to a shadow – economy system. Educational psychology may also support this cause.

Anyone tempted by favors most Business to earn with others, to himself and to feed his family somehow. Whether the large or small, vast sums of money lost in this way the State coffers of Africa. This can be contained only by a development policy, which relies much more on education and training, but also on effective management systems. Summarized involves even greater saturation of the elitist or corrupt upper class, the need for economic growth in East Africa not – how often kolportiert-but above all to fundamental things such as ensuring the population’s diet. Either through acquisition or mounting. Derwirtschaftlichen without improving location agriculture is advancing further in the conservation areas.

The Northern Masai Mara – from the North Bridge until after Aitong ideally suited for wheat or corn – will be in less than 20 years under the plough in sustained negative development and thus trigger a domino effect, which does not stop at other natural areas. The worldwide greed for From biomass effect will accelerate probably even these eco fuels. These effects exceed the damage caused by the construction of the Serengeti road”by far, not only the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem is in collapse, but also many other nature reserves.

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