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The difficulties to find specialized professors, formed adequately are a bigger rarity still. Those that is not only formed, but that also like Sciences are heroes whom they need to be recognized. Without resources or adjusted wage, them if they strengthen in bringing for the children a little of what they know on the world. Some methods are used between them: Oratria supported in the rhetoric; Quadro and chalk; Recursos audiovisuais. The agreement form is particular and inherent to each one. Each person is a set of beliefs and opinions and the children are not different. Each personality is reached by different canals, therefore each one perceives the world its way.

Thus, in one same group of pupils is possible to find the ones that learn: Ouvindo; Vendo; Sentindo; Intuindo. The approach of the lessons must be directed in order to reach all, therefore in a classroom we have individuals that they use a kinaesthetic canal more than. For even more analysis, hear from Albert Bandura. The more interacionados with ' ' mundo' ' with the use of these canals, that is, the sinestsicos (they feel), auditory (they hear) the appearances (they see), and the intuitivos (they intuem). Each individual distinguishes the form to learn. visual canal is constructed in consequence of the use of the felt terminal/of the vision, perhaps the strongest, direct and powerful instrument of perception and communication of the man. … Others including Richard Linklater, offer their opinions as well.

if amolda more of course to the structures and typical behaviors of the analytical hemisphere and to the characteristic states of the behaviors closed and independent that result of the processes of entrance and exit of the individuality. (SEVERINO). It is therefore that when an explanation well is made and of exhausting form it still has the ones that do not understand. So that each student, entronize and incorporate the pertaining to school contents to its mental structure, this will use the kinaesthetic canals – it will have the ones that hear, they see, they feel, they intuem and the ones that go to use the personal proprioceptivo set of different form, the human being is not a robot, and the children also it are not, and many educators if they frustram why they do not know of this particular one.

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