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The concept of collection has been transformed with the emergence of the electronic databases, which need not be physically hosted in the library to be accessible to users, and also by the volatility of the information you provide. This has produced a profound change in the policies of collection of documents (whether in electronic or printed format) of modern libraries. The library can be divided into theoretical and applied. The first include topics such as the theory of information and knowledge management, the study of information needs and how to satisfy it worldwide, the external factors that influence the interpretation of knowledge, etc. Perhaps check out The Journal of Educational Research for more information. The applied library science deals with topics such as the development and maintenance of the collections, technical services (acquisition, cataloging, loan and discard or debugging) of the collections, Inter cooperation librarian, copyright, freedom of information (right of access to information), conservation, management of the library or information unit and so on. Along with the Bibliometrics is the informetrics or measure of the potential capacity of transfer of documentary information from a document system or librarian. It measures the amount of information as possible with a search algorithm based on keywords or descriptors codes that the reader uses natural language and equivalents and synonyms as the system or database has been used to catalog the documents (terms contained in the categories in the case of Wikipedia). If we add the interactions or occurrences and establish a quality index of the search for the natural logarithm, which would be 1, 2, and 3 the optimum for the retrieval of information obtained. Official site: American Journal of Education.

It is similar to the number of references to download an Internet search engine. You can understand the role of the librarian as an intermediary between the user and the collection of the library or information centre. In order to be able to properly fulfil its function, the librarian performs the so-called reference interview, in order to attend the library user in the planning and execution of their search for information. .

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