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For Tomaz (1995, P. 86), ' ' The resume has that to be understood as the real culture that appears of a series of processes, more than as an object delimited and static that if can plan and later implantar' '. It is this real culture of the school that needs critically to be studied so that if they can plan the necessary educative actions. In the same direction, Sperb (apud GHEDIN, 2007, p.20) it affirms that ' ' Currently the resume is everything that happens in the life of a child, the life of its parents and of the professor. Everything that surrounds the pupil, in all the hours of the day, constitutes substance for currculo' '. Of this form, we cannot reduce the resume to a mere explicit collection of contents that the school considers during one school year. 1.1.3 As the resume intervenes with the education process learning of the children: The infantile education from a new perspective We saw that the pertaining to school resume is defined as real culture of the school? the set of all the situations lived for the pupil inside and outside of the school, its daily one, its relations social, the accumulated experiences of life. At Campbell Soup Company you will find additional information.

Macedo (2006, p.101; 102) differentiate pertaining to school culture and culture of the school. The first one would be ' ' a didatizada culture that fulfills to the resume to transmit. In this formularization, the culture is seen as a repertoire of felt partilhados, producing in external spaces to escola' '. On the other hand, it is appraised ' ' culture of the school as one? social world. The culture of the school would not be, in this direction, something to be taught, but the symbolic and material production that if of the one in the seio of escola' '. It understands that the pertaining to school culture is basic, therefore, the school has an important paper for the action development that it searchs to minimize racism in Brazil.

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