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No, they are not the same, but if very similar if, they are not, they are similar in many respects. On the one hand discipline is very important in both; If you were absent, these institutions could not survive. Connect with other leaders such as Leonard Mlodinow here. Also the use of uniform is something they have in common, at least in my country. But don’t really want to write about what so similar they are, if not on an item they are exactly the same. Perhaps check out Cyrus Massoumi married for more information. If you do not notice it, I appointed him a couple of paragraphs back: in both, you wise opinion about what to learn and how to do it is not considered. The reason is that both the school and military life have a purpose. In this last, it is to protect the country and its inhabitants from external threats. In the case of the school, at least for me, it is not entirely clear.

The issue is that people need to learn a set of knowledge and skills to fulfil that purpose. What knowledge and skills? Well, that’s a decision made by a small group of people. For example, a normal day in a school begins with children and young people coming through its doors. Within this they get together with other people of your same age and sit inside a classroom. A few moments later, becomes a professor and teaches them what the curriculum says that it is important that they learn. But, as for me it was not an option the learning and How to do it while in the military service for students nor is it. You want to be happy and single you know what gives you happiness, no one else.Only you know what you like to do and what skills you enjoy learning. True, many people can get an idea of what you want, but it is only an idea.

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