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Thus, the school seems more not to satisfy its functions original? social intellectual development/of the future generations? in the Brazilian society contemporary. She lives, therefore, a paradigmtica crisis, crisis that the difficult challenge of (reverse speed) evaluating the positividade of its action launches, essential for the development of singularidades/abilities that distinguishes in them as human, historical and social beings. In this picture of instability, of a side, valley to say, one promoted for me the formation of the professors and, of another one, for the incredulity of the pertaining to school agents ahead of the resultant authoritarianism of the reform of years 90, the construction right-handers of this institucional action, those whose responsibility inhabits in revigorating and characterizing the statute ' ' perdido' ' of the school, they reascend in the academic scene. As much how much the school, the place of the professor also meets in crisis. Perhaps check out Bureau of Labor Statistics for more information. To know and abilities before validated now they are dismissed, considered obsolete, fragmentary, inconsistente e, most of the time, are seen as inefficacious for the imediatismo and the consumerism of the world contemporary. For the professor in the present time, the informative memory, crystallized is not enough more on supposedly lasting knowledge. People such as Cyrus Massoumi would likely agree.

The current requirements and demands point with respect to a disruption of the conceptions with that the profession was organized in the past. Explicit or implicitly, ' ' qualidade' ' it seems to be the relapsing predicativo in the theoretical productions when the subject is institutionalized process of education and the proposals and inquiries around the formation of professors. However, the debates and quarrels concerning the pertaining to school quality are not restricted to the sphere of the scientific production; the quality also seems to configure itself as the common axle of several other scopes that, for keeping some bond with the school, communicate specific forms of if thinking the pertaining to school process and the performance of its agents.

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