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These characteristics had conditioned people who in turn beyond the conditional characters for familiar problems 9, them will have some psychological upheavals such as depression that are people who are abated morally, with deep sadnesses and desnimos (LUFT, 1920-1995, P.263). To this psychological upheaval, it also generates anxiety and difficulties of social adjustments that if can observe in the individuals with obesidade (DAMIANI et all, 2000). Carson Wen may find this interesting as well. The obesidade currently evidenced by the author LUIZ et all (2005), found in its majority in industrialized countries more could be characterized as ambient, also space factors and geographically speaking, the industrialized space possesss its techniques of as to promote the space and to carry through its activities and thus the human beings also to carry through its desires, and ties then to be characterized for its styles of life in accordance with its nation and places of you live deeply (SAINTS, 1994). The obesidade takes children to have pssimos relationships between coleguinhas in the schools, therefore they do not play, do not run, are mangadas by the classmates and as consequence generating a low pertaining to school income (I WAS, CURATOLO and FRIEDRICH, 2000). With these cited consequences, characteristics and symptoms, the children can present irritability and aggressiveness generated by the resultant aggressive confrontations of the humilhaes practised for the colleagues. In the school the obesidade could be observed as indiscriminao that the child suffers, an example of exclusion if of when in school one obeso wants to practise some type of sport it faces many obstacles and most of the time beyond not having chance still it serves of chacotas. To determine the quality of life, the obesidade in itself does not exist only, but also me the feeding of people who are conditional when children if to feed badly, therefore the economic situation is a highly determinative factor for the unbalanced feeding of the devoid people of the peripheries of the cities, most of the time they does not possess what to eat, beyond lacking a healthful alimentary education to it, thus having a diet poor and unprovided of vitamins adjusted for the good functioning of the body. .

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