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Reason you learn enough finally to get involved yourself as yourself? Unfortunately, we get taught in education little on the subject of self-perception or self-love. However there are proven development opportunities, moving a closer to themselves. One large number moves to the subject of mindfulness. The first step to be vigilant is the introspection. What we can observe everything about ourselves, that have escaped our attention: as flows my breath? Which physical symptoms should I take it? Tell me my inner voices? What feelings I perceive in me? Take a break for yourself and relax, unless you feel that nothing works without you.

This is a misconception, our ego wants to make us know. Because the earth rotates further, even if peace and quiet time for yourself. Would you break a leg, it would indeed go on, or? So you learn your problem correctly know as first: a visit to the doctor is necessary recommended with acute burnout. You should leave the everyday mill and get the time, so that you can get with no external noise on the silent voice inside your.The doctor will advise you in any case for a temporary writing ill and so the stress from you, the you without medical assistance had not banished from your life. May you get prescribed medicines. Reflect themselves in time of sick leave increased to and reorganize your life.

It has its reason that in Buddhism, much emphasis is placed on the small things. Mindfulness can begin with simple daily tasks. You will realize that without the enormous strain in the workplace again calm at your returns and find joy in life again and recharge. Be sure what good for you. I feel after a conversation with the neighbors better or worse? How do I feel after a visit to the Spa? Which food makes me happy or is it no matter what I take with me? Very few people have thought ever serious about it. Also a spa therapy can help and bring body and soul into harmony. A nice massage or a sauna evening help many to find the inner balance. A gourmet meal with a glass of wine can do well. Think here of the Mindfulness: Sense is the instructions of your doctor not scattering but the conscious experience of this Momente.Folgen and relax, without thinking in this case of existential fears or other concerns of social life. You can perceive only the present and also assume. The past is behind you. What can you vary it still on? Nothing. The only moment you have power over the is now! You can defeat the signs of burnout and are again satisfied, only you must to slowly change to your life and to think again more carefully. But also applies to the period after the Burnout: you are not a robot who works all the time only but a human being, the downtime and quiet moments in life needs to stay in shape and balance.

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