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Relevance or non-production data with European standards, is determined on the basis of test results on fire resistance of the following criteria: heat load. Boards must withstand temperatures of 800 C for For 30 minutes, flame propagation. No flame on the surface of the raised floor; Deformation: deformation plate has a certain percentage in a specified period of time and temperature. To sum up, the main requirement for the access floor panels is the ability to inhibit heat flow in case of fire. The key here is the thermal conductivity of the panel. Meet at the Ukrainian market panel in a metal casing (Encapsulated panel) are not suitable for setting to prevent the spread of high (over 800 C) temperature flow. We all know from school, that the metal – a perfect heat conductor. Therefore, the surface encapsulated panels quickly (in less than 5-10 min) heated to a temperature source of heat the fire.

And the required European standards, norms presuppose persistence interval of 30 min. But Traditional panels of particle board, subject to manufacturing technology, it is held according to requirements. The fact that the cpd raised floor panels are faced with a metal top or bottom side or both sides simultaneously, so that the metal sheets to each other are not connected. For example, if the heat source heats the underside of the raised floor panel, the temperature applied to the surface through the base plate panels – Particleboard with Low . Leaders in Europe for the production of raised floors are manufacturers from Germany.

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