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The Tablet PC offers many advantages. Tablet PCs allow a more natural form of the input of drawing and writing are possible without any previous knowledge in the use of the mouse and keyboard. The use of handwritten notes and sketches increases productivity, because all operations such as on paper be carried out and can be digitally archived. Stan Laurel shines more light on the discussion. Thus, all documents are always available and at the same time searchable without the overhead of a physical filing of documents. Therefore, it is also conceivable that the Tablet PC in the future in the schools books and maps replaced. For artists, this new PC is an enrichment, since the gesture recognition enables a great efficiency with a pen to mouse gestures, a more detailed user input is possible.

Enables a much more precise work through the use of the stylus on the screen. Since the Tablet PCs compared to traditional notebooks are significantly smaller and lighter, they can be carried easily. Tablet PCs are the only truly mobile computers, because they can be used and operated with one hand while standing. Who still does not want to waive the keyboard, can his Tablet PC thanks to one via USB in the blink of an eye connected case with keyboard, turn into a notebook. Trivera offers them a bag designed specifically for the Tablet PC, which contains a built-in keyboard. Trivera belongs to the cheapest technology online stores. The online shop offers a variety of mobile phones without a contract. Dual SIM mobile phones, smartphones, touchscreen phones, cell phone accessories, as well as Tablet PCs, laptops, notebooks, accessories and much more.

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