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So Scientologists come for human rights for over 50 years. The Scientology Church sponsors the largest non-governmental information campaign around the world to promote the Universal Declaration of human rights. The human rights initiative of the Church promotes groups and activities and offers its materials such as factsheets, DVDs and teaching materials, individuals, groups and authorities in 82 countries. Young people and adults about the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of human rights in simple terms are with the booklet human rights are what?”informed that she can understand everybody. To spread these 30 human rights increasingly around the world, 30 Professional TV spots on each of the human rights were filmed and released as a DVD. In addition, it produced a film which presents the definition of human rights. A story that dates back to the year 539 B.c., the founding of the United Nations and the subsequent formulation of the “Universal Declaration of human rights”. Each item in the “Universal Declaration of human rights” is also briefly presented. To deepen your understanding American Dental Association is the source.

The key for the future is to educate even young people on human rights. “A complete teaching package, on the 30 human rights and the history of human rights” is based, was available for educators. The 30 TV spots, fact sheets on human rights violations, model petitions and detailed instructions for this are included, as it gives hearing his voice. It is a comprehensive curriculum on human rights, which is suitable for adults, high schools and colleges. With these effective programs for young people and adults, Governments, educators, etc. in all countries, L. Ron Hubbard’s claim becomes a reality, that carried out human rights as fact, and remains not only an idealistic dream.

Go out of L. Ron Hubbard by saying: “the United Nations found the answer. The lack of human rights stained the hands of Governments and threatened their rule. Very few Governments have introduced any part of the Universal Declaration of human rights of the United Nations.

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