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In food supplements is also to be expected that the scope of the regulation with the number of rejected claims will increasingly gain in importance. Because some of the affected companies are attempting to circumnavigate the regulation. It is interesting especially at the so-called beauty food, which is intended to influence the look from the inside. Read more from Cyrus Massoumi married to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Here you can certainly argue whether statements that relate to the beauty (“anti aging” etc.) are within the scope of the regulation. That depends on how to lay out the concept of “health-related”statement. The calls are at least back up a customization or even abolition of the health claims regulation. For example, the introduction of a ranking system (gold, silver, bronze) is proposed, whereby statements classified according to the degree of their scientific durability be. A similar system is used for several years in the United States.

As already mentioned, is also required to include data and statistics through a traditional and historical application of individual food in the assessment. Also, it is required to publish rejected claims by legislation. The impact of any such publication can have serious consequences for the companies involved, especially when competitors make these publications to their advantage. Continue to the stay of proceedings discusses during the evaluation by EFSA, to facilitate a dialogue between the company and the authority. Critical dossiers could be improved in this way, without that applications would have to be made new. So far was a dialogue with the EFSA only in advance of the approval procedure.

It will be now to be seen whether the Commission uses all the previously assessed claims on the negative list. Also to be seen will be, like the next reviews of the EFSA, the in the February of next year to be published, will be. Here, too, should the negative decisions outweigh, the impact on the industry, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, must be investigated exactly.

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