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It was therefore a matter of time that someone look into the organism of cockroaches to see if somehow their resistance could help develop medication that we will benefit. Well, this has happened recently: according to a study by the University of Nottingham (United Kingdom), the brain of the cockroach contains numerous antibiotic properties. This could serve to develop new antibiotics for bacterial infections that are currently very resistant to drugs. In the event that these antibiotics were developed at the end, it would change our opinion about cockroaches? We would stop seeing them as disgusting insects that are now? More than one would think it was twice before stepping on them as so far we do. And what is more: could come to become protected as bees and bats species? If they should happen to become protected species, us surreal situations: imagine that you meet a plague of cockroaches in the kitchen, what would be your first impulse? Kill them, right? As if they were a protected species, that would be forbidden, you could even call a pest control company, you would have to wait for that would come a qualified professional to carry the plague to a laboratory. In addition, cockroaches would advance to the Group of laboratory animals, and we would talk about cockroaches laboratory as we now talk about mice laboratory.

Animal protection associations seek to scientists who ceased to experiment with cockroaches, seek their freedom and their right to a life of cockroach in freedom. Anyway, where is finally demonstrate the antibiotic properties in the brains of roaches, I think he would still spend much time until the drugs to develop. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Viatris. The reality is that today one of the most dangerous pests are cockroaches, and at the moment instead of curing diseases, cause them, so you have to continue taking extreme precautions against cockroaches, and by course, if I saw a cockroach wouldn’t you think me before calling someone to kill it, I imagine that you would do the same thing.

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