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Also the children’s Hospital – previously sold man road – is moved. But my opinion is not very objective patients and that, for future Med. Staff it is quite beneficial to find different departments in the hospital. An interesting fact is the hospital infection – (I can’t say anything about it because luckily, never concerned me!): sepsis mortality at the hospital from 57 to 31 percent reduced, the strategies for avoiding this disease be thanked. Anyone interested people, if he or she, for example, soon will enter as a student/student with these in contact, who learns something new in each issue of clinic employees, it doctors, professors will be in the majority of cases, but this is clear. In the operating room how to? Now, also like that not every visitor move and also the many terms you would have evtl.nachschlagen, but: employee newspaper remains employee newsletter! Page I was reminded of 1992 22/23 my own time in the former women’s clinic, as my son by caesarean section had to be obtained. Without anesthesia and without running water: today? Of course unthinkable, but in the post about the C-section of the 14.4.1841 the surprised man of 2010, reads that this OP in the pregnant women at home instead found! And she survived, what certainly was a miracle, because around 1840 the mortality rate was 80 percent after a caesarean.

And more sensitively written: sure, everyone has memories of the death of close relatives, friends, friend. How but deal with the subject of death? Personally, I consider it with the death researcher Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, who accompanied even dying children. (In a documentary, she was asked whether she would like to be born again, and accordingly, she replied: “No, but she forward to people who will see her again after her death.”) So I think,. She firmly believed in a life after death and had so no fear of the imminent demise of own..) Surely includes much empathy and not everyone will be able to that. Noteworthy: near-death experiences are near brought here for me contrast in this magazine slightly. Because that in Germany more than 4 million people live, which had been near death experiences, was new to me.

No solace for grieving, but perhaps the question on the: “What comes after death?” again slightly different answers? If I could contribute something, that one time could pass something as a guest or patient in the University Hospital with this magazine, it is to be happy and I hope myself again to get the next issue. Editor is, by the way: the Board of the University Clinic Greifswald, Fleischmann str. printed 8, 17475 Greifswald, in Greifswald. Whether you can order there this journal, eludes my knowledge, somehow I would hope that. Maybe will yet?

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