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The reasons for childlessness are complex and range from manifest organic disorders, such as tubal occlusion or Hodenattrophie of functional organic disorders such as hormonal regulation disorders to psychological causes of relationship problems, ambivalence, too high expectations. There is no doubt, that some of the classic causes of sterility excellent handle be Mirko surgery, in-vitro fertilization, Gonadotrophine with conventional methods are the sex hormones that stimulate the gonads – pituitary insufficiency. Often, it can be done but just not organic disorder, such as a bonding of the fallopian tubes or an insufficient number of sperm, find. Then it will be for the medicine difficult because it gets no starting point to be treated. But the solutions of modern medicine are partly connected with considerable stress for both partners. IVF – the fertilizing of the egg outside the maternal womb and implanted the fertilized egg in the same – including associated with months, regular doctor visits and hormone revenue. So even the load from the treatment comes to the burden of the fertility.

A considerable stress potential arises between hope and fear, expectation and disappointment. Additional information is available at David G. DeWalt. Homeopathy can be successfully used especially in hormonal and unknown causes of infertility. Kindle Direct Publishing wanted to know more. Studies have shown that under homeopathic treatment regulates the hormone levels in the woman as well as increasing the mobility and quantity of sperm. The VKHD here refers to two studies: 1 homeopathic treatment for female infertility I. Gerhard, C. Keller and B.

Monga 1995 (www.carstens-stiftung.de/ wissen/hom/pdf/klin_Gerhard_fert_jb2.pdf) 2. Classical homeopathic treatment, male fertility problems. Gerhard I, Wallis E. 1998 (www.carstens-stiftung.de/ nachwuchs/promotionsfoerderung/abstracts/hom/wallis.pdf) the research results speak for a success of homeopathic treatment. Both studies were conducted in the Heidelberg clinic for naturopathic medicine at University Hospital. Headed by Dr. Ingrid Gerhard, 168 women were treated homeopathically from 1991 to 1993. They were unintentionally childless at least two years and suffered from a hormone-related or unexplained infertility.

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