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The young person (according to the story of the woman) removed several currencies from his pocket and asked if she would have sufficient besides if she could buy the ticket in a machine, something that the British newspaper has described as " sorprendente" he stops somebody that says to have lived on wild way during as much time. In addition, ' boy of bosque' it seems to be in good physical form and he does not present/display signs of violence with the exception of a small scar. Who are spent time with him they assure that she is an amiable person who knows like using the places setting, to take a shower and that she enjoys playing the ninepin and watching, according to she reveals Daily Mail. Now, the location of Ray stays privily to drive away the journalists while it is interviewed by the police, psychologists and experts in languages that try to solve the enigma of their origin. Trauma, amnesia or invented fantasy the INTERPOL, the greater organization of international police, investigate if the young person or his father is in the list of missing of the United Kingdom or some other country. The German authorities know that the version given by the mysterious Ray can be a fantasy invented after to have fled from house but it will continue investigating until they find out the truth. One does not discard for example that has undergone some trauma that him it has taken to adopt the identity of " boy of bosque". The psychologists call one " flight disociativa" , the syndrome that undergoes the people who a day undertake a trip and later they are in a generally distant place, without remembering how they arrived, nor exactly who are. The psychologist of the University Humbolt, Jaap Denisissen, does not discard that he can be some type of amnesia, " after which the adolescent began to invent histories in which she includes his father because perhaps this one has some implication in its loss of memoria". The experts, the police and the journalists continue trying to keep awake the mystery of the boy of the forest, while nobody knows what happens through the mind of the thoughtful Ray. By the same author: Viatris. Source of the news: The enigma of the boy who lived five years in a forest: invention, trauma or amnesia?

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