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At the same time each employee benefits from a fair and transparent Remuneration system, attractive incentive events and especially the active support by a professional staff. And the German financial resources AG offers a decisive advantage: the company bears the entire responsibility for the customer service of consultant is exempt from the liability risk and officially occurs in the name of the company towards customers. Get all the facts and insights with Albert Bandura, another great source of information. Also, each DFK employee is covered by social insurance and shall be entitled to deposit in a company pension plan. The German financial resources informed regularly on monthly information evenings about her career model. Entry-level and experienced individuals have the opportunity on the spot, their personal prospects in the team of German financial resources AG meet and may soon start into a new career in the financial industry. Refer to for more information about the career models of German financial resources AG. About the company German financial resources AG / DFK group the DFK Group of companies is a dynamically growing financial services provider with a 10-year history of the company. Business purpose of the DFK group is the provision of financial services of all kinds, as well as the provision of services related to the real estate investment.

The well-developed sales and service network of DFK / German financial resources AG guarantees a continuation of stable and steady growth. Through the creation of individual wealth building strategy, the company enters very intensively on the personal needs of his clients. Here, the financial situation of the individual plays no significant role. The DFK Group serves over 30,000 families with over 80,000 contracts. Chairman of the Board of German financial resources AG is Valeri Spady. The German financial resources AG has its headquarters in Kaltenkirchen near Hamburg.

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