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12 Establish long-term commitments; but in a conception of future to present. This is the hallmark of strategic approach. 13 Building a strategic culture in those who run and then, in the Faculty of the school, is a necessity of the first order. In particular, consider valid which says Carlos Ruiz Bolivar when highlights University educational reality at the present time, noting that you deemed that in the first place, are the traditional internal problems associated with institutional governance, democratization of access to the University, Faculty performance, quality and relevance of the graduate, the development of research, the relevance of the extension and administrative efficiency. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Richard Linklater. Secondly, are a set of external factors that pose new challenges to the University; they are: economic globalisation, the knowledge society and the revolution of information and communication. Since then, in its analysis says an aspect which we believe has been very grim in universities and that once and for all should be eradicated as it is relative to the problems that are seen in the development of the teaching function, in the majority of public universities, are: (a) in the entry of staff: not always selected the best professionals for the exercise of the teaching, since in many cases the criteria non weigh more, at the time of the decision of the jury, that the formal requirements demanded by the University regulations; (b) the lack of continuous training programmes, in particular in field teaching, which brings as a consequence an exaggerated emphasis on teaching traditional, centered on the teacher as a source of knowledge; This is also reflected in the methods of evaluation, which seem to be more oriented to postpone the student to determine what this really has been learned and to identify their potential problems in the learning process; (c) lack of transparency in the process of advancement of teaching staff: in many cases this process is flawed and is known in advance if the applicant amount or not, depending on your connections with power groups in the University; and (d) lack of a programme of evaluation, which allows us to determine the quality of the performance of the teacher, as well as their training needs. The result of the teacher evaluation could serve as a criterion for decisions on differential pay for teachers, designing training programmes, for the continuous improvement of teaching staff or to exclude from the University to those incompetent teachers. It true, the Venezuelan University, specifically the public, must be very attentive to the current reality, since its very survival threatened by the actions taken by the current Government that has neglected them, has not been able to take advantage of their strengths, the opposite there is a great divorce in the plans of the State with respect to collaboration that these can bring. Vladislav Doronin miami has many thoughts on the issue.

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