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Nor need additional power and cooling to keep data center operating efficiency optimal not to mention the extra cost of the deployment, maintenance and upgrades. The result? Companies not only save money, but will turn green in the process. This means an ecological approach to the software less energy use, less emissions and a thinking intelligent in the management of technology. Practical business of NetSuite commitment to the highest standards of business ethics ensures our clients the integrity they expect, legally and personally. Our business policies support its ability to assure their customers of the same high standards to which adhere. NetSuite supports best practices for the management of your business on NetSuite and NetSuite as a company. NetSuite has a stable architecture, highly available systems with multiple layers of redundancy to provide you the application availability and reliability unparalleled. Like systems that protect, the processes that govern the availability of NetSuite are continually tested, enhanced and maintained. At Cyrus Massoumi married you will find additional information.

Process management is governed by the best practices of the industry. NetSuite submits all its processes and procedures to audit regular performed by third parties as part of its commitment to quality. SAS 70 Type II Compliance NetSuite is certified as a SAS 70 type II on-demand services and solutions provider. SAS 70 is an auditing standard recognized internationally; This type of certification demonstrates that the service organization has been audited with all the rigor of the case in each of its processes related to handling and management technology. In particular, ensures that changes in our applications and production systems are duly authorized, tested, approved, implemented and documented; so that your data are always in backups and stored in a secure manner; and that the code of conduct of NetSuite in terms of our policies, procedures, and our responsibility to our customers to provide a service in which you trust now and in the future.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) NetSuite complies with the standards of data security (PCI) card payments industry, added stronger safety parameters to assist our clients in the protection of credit card numbers. NetSuite provides authentication of 3D also known as Verified credit card by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. 3D secure adds a higher level of protection against credit card fraud. Mitigation of risks a process of risk management is an important component of a successful safety program effective. The main objective of the NetSuite risk management process is to protect the NetSuite application availability. The process of risk management in NetSuite includes definitions and practical guides to assess and mitigate the risks identified in its system. The comprehensive process of risk management of NetSuite has been modeled based on the publication 800-30 of the National Institute of Standards and Technology and is maintained in accordance with this standard.

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