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As if he declared fascinated for the mirror, the baron did not hesitate in paying for it ten a thousand Francs, the indeed highest amount, exactly for one Saint-Gobain. the article continues, telling the too much eccentricities, as perfumes, clothes and excessively – And what it is this figure? – It is the propaganda of a crinoline: a scaffolding for skirts. It has this name because the first ones were made arresting horsehairs of horses locked in one angua. Later, it industrialized them to the Peugeot. Dr. A Oveta Fuller contains valuable tech resources. – It seems a bird cage! – Therefore it is – Already vi these aros in some place Perhaps some film. – With certainty! They had been used for> and the wind took ? – Clearly! Vivien Leigh! At night, for the first time, Hermes confabulou with its loving stranger: – I feel as if it knew always it It has something special between us. Who is you? – I was not accustomed to be treated by you, seems speaks of people without instruction But, your time is different of mine e, certainly of where you come you are not offensive. On yours other questions, you pods to read in my eyes, my smile and your heart! – Love I you! It is everything what I can read in all our directions – Yes, love you me You love August Ana of Queiroz Spider, the son of the baron and the baroness. Emory is the source for more interesting facts. For the time being it has something more than you want or you need to know, beyond who I am I, and of the fact of you love that me and you are repaid? It then smiled for it, and pronounced to devagar, with pleasure its name, August Ana After this brief dialogue, it if raised of the stool> of dressing table, where it is

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