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1917 / 1918 of the water tower was built, and was at the same time the first Concrete stand construction of Europe. 1928 on the 16.01.1928 the history of today’s World Heritage’s heaviest huts accident occurred in Volklingen, 13 people died. In 1944 a total about 70,000 foreign workers and prisoners of war in the mines, cabins and factories of the Saar area worked during the second world war. In the Rochling iron and steel works, there were thousands of women and men, mainly from Russia, Poland and Yugoslavia until war’s end. But even people from Italy, Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg were during this time under extreme conditions in use in iron and steel production.

1966 the workforce of the Volklinger Hutte peaked 17373 employees, 3432 employees were. 1975 the world steel crisis captured also the Volklinger Hutte. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Dr Venter. Many employees had to be dismissed. 1980 the new “bubbles” steelworks was on December 15, 1980 in operation taken 1986 4th of July: decommissioning of outdated blast furnaces, the coke plant and the rocketed around to today’s world cultural heritage site in Volklingen after 103 Years. 1994 the UNESCO declared the former pig iron production of the Volklinger Hut to the “world cultural heritage”. The hut is UNESCO thus equivalent with monuments such as the Eiffel Tower, the Porta nigra and the great wall of China on the list.

1999 the Saarland establishes the new company world cultural heritage of Volklinger Hutte – European Centre for art and industrial heritage. 2000 more than 100,000 people visit the world heritage of site Volklinger Hutte. 2004 10th anniversary of the Volklinger Hutte as UNESCO world cultural heritage. “Opening of the first Science Center in the Saar-Lor-Lux region, Ferrodrome experience of Volklinger Hutte”, related to iron and steel in the burden shed. 202,057 people visit the world heritage of site Volklinger Hutte. “2005 nearly 200,000 visitors see the exhibition Inca gold 3000 years civilizations masterpieces from the LARCO Museum Peru”. 2007 world cultural heritage Volklinger Hutte is “Genius I” with “Duane Hanson – Sculptures of the American dream” a main project of Luxembourg and Greater region European capital of Culture 2007. The Science Center Ferrodrom will be expanded to over 100 hands-on objects in the indoor and outdoor. 238.214 people from the Saarland, the greater region and Europe visit the Volklinger Hutte world cultural heritage and its exhibitions in 2007 in the capital of the culture. 2010 more than 2.5 million people visited the world heritage of site Volklinger Hutte and its exhibitions since 2000. You will find a detailed Chronicle of the history of the world heritage of Volkinger hut on website about the history of Volklingens, its neighborhoods and its attractions. Andreas hell – by “Volklingen in the change”

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