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More information is available at products/tightgate_pro electronic spell mile for mobile disk: POPs PROVAIA mobile disk now store gigabytes of data, and are still handy and fast. You are incredibly convenient, but not – especially in the business environment. In addition to user data can any form of malicious software on DVDs, memory cards or USB sticks on workstations or corporate networks “distributed”. Especially when the popular rewritable media, the risk is high. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Carson Wen on most websites. By far not always can be traced a USB stick in the course of one day is connected where and in what technical safety condition the relevant computers were. The only barrier against the penetration is a local virus scanner digital Pests are mobile data carrier to the incalculable risk.

With PROVAIA of the Hamburger POPs technologies GmbH, a general ban on mobile storage media for reasons of preventive security is no longer necessary: A highly secure, external system forms a security zone in the run-up to the corporate network where mobile devices can be safely tested and if necessary safety “cleaned up”. Multiple, simultaneous working malicious code scanner, tools to detect and may disable active content, document converters offer a level of protection that extends far beyond established solutions. A coupling with an interface control system of a company or an authority prevents that unverified or evaluated as risk-prone removable media on the internal network can be connected. Federal authorities already rely on this technology – more information, see. Official and private finally separated: WebFox is private use of the Internet in the workplace a Permanent sensitive issue in German companies and juridical Evergreen to the labour courts. The list of fears on the part of the employer is as long as transparent: sometimes not entirely unjustified objections range from private allocated working time about legal problems with abusive use of the Internet until safety concerns, for example, by downloaded malicious software. General prohibitions are not so rare, but they create ultimately new problems. How should the “quick click, by the way” on content beyond operational requirements be prevented? What’s as official what considered to be private? How can permissible controls implemented meaningful and at the same time preserve the privacy of employees? The Abraham GmbH in Nurtingen with WebFox the answer presented on all these issues.

The flexible system creates the necessary separation between operational requirements and private concerns in the context of Internet use in the workplace. Employers and employees benefit It equally by a thoughtful solution with high acceptance factor. The option granted to private purposes”can be controlled due to the company or authority culture. Employees decide affiliated independently by clicking in the browser, at which time they are private in the worldwide data network. Even the safe access to private Web mail accounts is possible, of course taking fully into account of all legal regulations with WebFox. Implementation and compliance with the individual business rules is ensured at all times without violating privacy rights. WebFox provides distance between the and private and connects so reliability with legal certainty. To get more information, see webfox.

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