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Holistic education is a transformative Act that creates the pedagogical conditions for the deployment of the unlimited potential inside of each student. It is a process that is related to all the potential of the human being: scientific, spiritual, artistic and social. The educator holistic view to the student as a human being holder of a potential unlimited interior, as someone sensitive oriented to learn, a spiritual in search of meaning, a being of aesthetic capable of recognizing the inherent to life beauty, a being with multiple dimensions of human experience. Holistic education recognizes also multiple pathways for learning and different styles of learning, Weider points out that an educational method that is the best there is because every human being has their own style for Learn equally valid to those of other humans; genuine education must recognize this fact and respect the multiplicity of perspectives, and this aspect, art helps us achieve this goal. In holistic education most importantly learn beyond the idea of the old paradigm teaching/learning; the logic of the new paradigm is based on the process of learning and in this new vision all those involved in the educational process converge in school and although they fulfilled different roles the objective of all is learning.

Learning is a process that lasts a lifetime. Holistic education points out four strategic processes: learning to learn means to enhance the attributes of consciousness to learn such as attention, listening, perceiving, curiosity, intuition, creativity; It is linked with a scientific awareness. Learn how to make means know taking risks and take the initiative, it is particularly related with a social conscience. Learning to live together means to learn to establish relationships correct; an especially important educational resource at this point is the holistic dialogue. Learning to live together is related to the development of an ecological conscience. Learn how to be mean the discovery of his own being and inner wisdom that is achieved through self-knowledge of one’s self; It is to learn to establish an internal order which is one of the conditions for the deployment of our unlimited potential; It is the awakening of the spiritual consciousness.

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