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It always works, this way of thinking, it is impossible to say, "wait, is not the time to do, wait until morning or the evening. " Works of art are born not only when the artist is at the easel or easel, they are constantly using the constant thinking. And it's not just thinking it's the ability to see and understand beautiful to see and understand the world around us, and fine arts education teaches us to see, learn to understand. The artist must understand the nature depicted by, be it a person, object or landscape, it does not matter. Nature, particularly all you need to understand to understand the essence of her, see her in a beautiful and realizing go directly to the image.

If an artist is not able to understand nature, we represent it fully, it is also not be able to even if scrupulously accurate copy. Credit: CAS-2011. It will be a heartless way, just a mechanical drawing, photocopy. Although some of the meets and such an image. True, there are people who believe that in order to create works of art at all not necessarily be able to draw and generally have some special knowledge. Seemed to have enough good taste and imagination. Wrong. Most likely these people are trying to justify by saying its not skill, lack of knowledge and no desire to learn the fine arts. After all, training requires time and patience.

They want to immediately get the result, the glory and honor. And very often try to replace the art of "cheap" or "expensive" stunt. Someone cuts the icon with an ax, someone with chainsaw kills antique furniture, created by master cabinetmakers of the past centuries, and representing the work of furniture art.

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