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But before joining the organization boys who did his best to fight the enemy. Boys stripped from the walls of the Nazi orders, passed food and clothes to prisoners concentration camp, established in the city in the Temvoda. Being already in the group, Victor, who knew German, got into the kitchen mess, where the recorded Nazi officers talk, memorizing the number of units and underground movement and passing. Soon to become a courier, he shot and passed the group copies of the documents. Alex studied the location of military facilities in Nikolaev, refined dislocation of the occupying parts. In June 1942, at underground radio out of order, and transmit classified information to the Soviet command instructed Shura Kober and Vita Khomenko. The boys walked hundreds of miles, crossed the Krasnodar near the front line and then they were sent by plane to Moscow, the headquarters of the partisan movement.

In October 1942, Alex and Victor were redirected to the front line by air and dropped in twenty kilometers away from Nikolayev in parachutes. With the aircraft also dropped two bags of luggage with ammunition, radio transmitters, apparatus for printing the leaflets. When he returned, the guys started fighting back jobs, but were soon brought to an agent provocateur. Interrogation and torture lasted 10 days. So nothing from achieving young scouts, December 5, 1942 the invaders were hanged 15-year-olds in the Piazza. For his feat Alex Kober and Victor Khomenko posthumously awarded the Order World War 1 degree. In Nikolayev named young heroes called the school where they studied, memorial boards, called the street, a library, a ship.

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